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    About Growzical

    Welcome to Growzical, a platform that you can rely on to find insights into complex career opportunities. We are a team of professionals from various domains with years of experience; our aim is to provide you with guidance related to software testing.


    If you come from a testing background or have an interested in software testing, then our website will help you out for sure since we publish regular testing and QA job alerts.


    When you visit our website, you will be happy to see that we have been posting several resources that can help you in making the right decisions for your professional journey. 

    Meet Our Team

    We have a small yet powerful team that consistently tries to bring up-to-date insights and data related to careers and professions. The team is quite active and has been working for quite a good period of time.

    Aviral Tiwari


    Anushka Sharma


    Minakshi Singh


    What's More?

    To be honest, we really want you to keep visiting our website to get regular and updated placement resources, interview preparation tips and other things related to Software QA Testing.

    Our aim is to help you find your full potential so that you can easily start your professional journey.